1. Put in work


Yeah I pride myself
Yeah I pride myself baby
Yeah im proud of myself yeah im proud myself yeah im proud myself baby

Shawty got work
She be praying for the first
When the rent get paid by the third but she work for the person
That drive her crazy baby know that it's worth it

Shawty got work
Shawty got work lately
Cuz the bills gon stack like a track with the taste so phat
And the pass cuz you asked whatchu say about that

Shawty got work

Shawty gotta work lately

Baby been fine since the time when I knew her first time
Girl you got back baby
Girl just get back to me

But shawty gotta work for the first and she praying like church and she checked on her purse and she phoned that dude cuz the move got slow

I know that girl like baby back home

Shawty got work

Shawty put in work

Ass real phat with the waist that's small like that prolly bearing no children but she look so good on her back
Shawty throw it back
Bring a lil faith to ya life with a team so tight and the vision feel right

Shawty got work
Working till the first
Paying rent on the third
On my work on my work - Shawty got first
Shawty want permanent
Shawty keep serving em

No way
They got love like you
I've laid with your friend or two impatient
When it comes to you
I'll say
I'll sayyyy

I really put in work for ya
But I cant fuckin work for ya