Reflecting thru music: "Headlines" - Take Care 

Can't believe I've managed and handled what I have. I shock myself at times but it's also expected. Watch what I do and how I do it. Hayden and I are in the process of creating something real special. I've elevated my game ten fold this past year. The presence of manifestation over here for this story, screams legacy!

Reflecting thru Music: "Over my Dead Body" - Take Care 

I think it gets harder the more I grow. I've out grown friends, relationships, and even family at times. I tend to reflect when it feels urgent, kind of like right now. So many know me well, but I can't really say the same for them, I got my core group but most on the outside won't express their true self. I'll be damned if anyone but myself takes away what I got. I got more than most and I say that because I'm soaking in the moments of the experience.




"Feeling good, living better"